Cold & Flu Season is Upon Us.

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While Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are great for treating cold and flu symptoms I am often asked by my patients, “What are some natural remedies we can keep at home?” So I wanted to list some of my favorite go to’s as a 1st defense against cold and flu symptoms.

First and foremost I am a huge advocate for probiotics. They help keep the gut flourished with healthy bacteria. This is not only good for the digestive system but by having a healthygut your body will be better at fighting off other illnesses as well.

For stuffy noses and sinuses I do love my Netti Pot. I admit the first time I used it I was skeptical, and a bit creeped out. I mean come on, pouring saline water up your nose?! But it works! It helps to push out any phlegm that may be clogging you sinus passages and the saline helps wash out any lingering germs as well. Eucalyptus oil is also great for those stuffy noses. I like to add a few drops to coconut oil and rub on chests, back, and under the nose. This is a great home made vapor rub!

Got a scratchy sore throat? Keep Slippery Elm in your medicine cabinet. This can be found in lozenges or as a tincture at your local health food store. As the name implies it can make your throat “slippery” to help sooth any irritations. Another one of my favorites is Elderberry Syrup. Not only can it soothe a sore throat but it is also a great antioxidant! In 1995 it was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama.

For aches and pains I suggest a warm soak in Epsom Salts. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil for deeper relaxation and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to help open up your sinuses.

These are just a few of mytop picks and are items that I keep in close reach during cold and flu season.