What to Expect

Please call for your free phone consultation. During this phone conversation we can decide together if acupuncture would be a good choice for you.


Expect to spend one hour  to an hour and a half your first visit and forty five minutes to an hour for follow up visits. Please wear loose fitted clothing to all acupuncture sessions.

During the first visit we will spend at least thirty minutes doing a patient intake. I will ask you several questions about your condition and several more questions that you may feel aren’t related to your reason for seeking out acupuncture. This insures that I get the best understanding possible of your body and your bodies compositions. I will incorporate several Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools as well. Perhaps the most common of these are taking the pulse on both wrists and looking at the tongue. I may also palpate along the acupuncture meridians or in areas of complaint. After the intake we will go into the treatment room where I will swab the points I have chosen with rubbing alcohol and I will then insert the acupuncture needles. Once all the needles are in we will insure you are comfortable and I will leave you to rest and relax. Treatment times do vary but I will leave the needles in no longer than thirty minutes. After this I will remove the needles and I may ask to see your tongue again or retake your pulses. There are generally no restrictions after an acupuncture treatment.

Please feel free to bring in any music you may prefer to listen to during your session. I generally have light meditative music playing as I feel it helps with relaxation but am not opposed to individuals musical preferences.